The big wet has left us a little worse for wear in more ways than one

All the details for our field day on March 26th and 27th 2012  see Future farming: research puts grass out to pasture are now bedded down. See flyer here

Jamberoo Field Day Lemon Grove Research Farm Flyer

However in typical farming fashion the weather is behaving badly and Lemon Grove Research Farm is under water


The water is receding fairly quickly however with the trial paddock now reasonably water free after been totally covered in water at 6am this morning


Mmh its looks like everyone will be coming to see how our pasture recovers from too much  water

The home farm Clover Hill is also waterlogged and sadly the dangers of farming are only too apparent to all the team after this accident this morning that left the tractor a write off and the driver thankfully in one piece


The tractor after a long slide down the hill, an altercation with some large rocks and a couple of trees and a few double back flips.


I send a special thank you to John Deere for making tractors that help save lives.

Author: Picture You in Agriculture

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12 thoughts on “The big wet has left us a little worse for wear in more ways than one”

  1. I am so glad that everyone at Clover Hill is okay. Only a couple of months ago, a John Deere cab saved my own husband’s life. We are very lucky women, Lynne.

  2. thank goodness no one was hurt, the flood water can be so destructive and unforgiving but at the end of the day and all our loved ones and those we care for so are sleeping soundly in their beds that is all that really matters. Hope the clean up doesn’t take too long, thoughts are with you, Lynne.

  3. Gosh Lynne, I had no idea! And here I am worried about the colour of a logo when you have much more important things on your mind!
    Stay safe!

  4. Holy hatbox! What a crazy day! I hope the place dries up soon! Fingers crossed no more accidents! x

  5. I too am thankful…..what a physically and emotionally draining day, will sleep well tonight knowing everyone at work is safe and sound :/

      1. She is a treasure…. so caring…. so willing….so eager to please…… one hellova good working woman, mother and daughter!

  6. Oh my gosh! I did think of you yesterday when they mentioned flooding in the Jamberoo area.
    So lucky no one was hurt in that tractor!

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