Putting a smile on my dial

Today we had a film shoot at the farm and it was a very long day to day for me and I was only the dog’s body. Heaven help me if I had had a starring role.  It reminded me I am not as young nor fit as I used to be

As part of our Young Eco Champions ( YECs) funding we have committed to doing a number of projects with different landholders in the area. The YECs  are relishing the opportunity and today we started  the process of documenting the before and after on film.

I always take my camera and sneak in a few the behind the scenes shots when I can.

Today I got a classic. I got caught out with the cows coming up the road for milking and had to stop and wait until they went by. It was hot and a number of them were tonguing (See explanation here)

You would swear this cow is spitting and poking out her tongue at me at the same time.


I didn’t notice till I downloaded the pix and it gave this tired little vegemite a great laugh . Its time for the nanna nap      

Author: Picture You in Agriculture

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