Does it get any better than this

When you live in paradise and your desk looks out over the ocean everyday reminds me that I spend too much time at my desk and not enough time on the front verandah chilling out and revelling in the brilliance of it all.

a Sunrise at Clover Hill May 21 2013 


Pink Bush IMG_5172

The early morning sun on this divine pink shrub ( whose name escapes me at the moment) which announces the start of spring in my garden

Clover Hill Dairies Sunrise IMG_2646

Sunrise morphs into day

See for miles

Daytime sea for miles views from my verandah


The cows enjoy the view just as much as I do

a IMG_5461

The flowers and the cows coming home for milking are rejoicing that spring is coming


Check out that hill in the background they had to navigate to get this point. You can see why they stopped to have a rest 

sunset IMG_4664

Then its sunset

Author: Picture You in Agriculture

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