Being part of a democracy means you have a voice. Lets find our voices and be heard.

Farmers know they are part of the planet and we do what we believe is right.

Acknowledging climate change is real is doing the right thing.

Minimising its impact is doing the right thing

Cimate Changre is real

Australians know they are part of a democracy and we have a voice.

For too long we have remained silent.

Join me and find your voice and have it heard

Sign our farmers letter here and show the world and our politicians we all care

Read why Milk Maid Marian has joined the movement to start an outbreak of common-sense here 

Author: Clover Hill Dairies Diary

I started this blog to share farming stories from our family farm Clover Hill Dairies. Over the last six years I have been reminded that life is complex and my blog has morphed with me. It now follows my thoughts, my dreams, my vision, my challenges and highlights