Aussie farmers committment to the planet underestimated for too long

Last night I witnessed a history making moment in Australian agri-poltics when this very well crafted motion from the NSW Young Farmers received resounding support from the NSW Farmers conference floor and was passed


So many of my generation spoke from the heart clearly grateful they had been given a chance to send a clear message to bureaucrats and the community.. See what NSW farmer Angela Martin had to say here


For too long farmers in this country have been underestimated. We are not all climate sceptics to be viewed as dinosaurs.


The moving of this motion shouts it loud and clear Australian farmers want to be seen as progressive and committed to doing the right thing by the planet

and I couldnt have said it better Brianna Casey


and I am very confident that the Minister is just as proud to be standing next to these young history makers as farmers everywhere todayJosh Gilbert Niall Blair Martin Murray Jo Newton

NSW Young Farmers Chair Josh Gilbert with Martin Murray and Jo Newton and NSW Minister for Primary Industries the Hon Niall Blair MLC

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