War has been declared – who will wear the responsibility for the collateral damage

Feeling the pain on behalf of Mike Baird and the NSW Govt today having to cop the flak for the folly of others – it’s started


This is just the beginning I am told

My  question at this point in time is will NSWFA be prepared to accept the moral responsibility for any damage to Brand Australia for agriculture from potential fall out from these campaigns?

Is it doing the right thing to propose a legislation that instigates campaigns that potentially will  put the spotlight on farming in a negative way  when you have been warned that it  hasn’t got a chance in hell of being passed by the NSW Legislative Council

So there is a real risk all this pain will be for nothing – if this isnt a folly nothing is


Australian farmers a crisis is looming 

Australian Agri-Politics another brave soul bites the dust

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Rule No 1. Ask for something that is possible

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