An opportunity to create my autobiography – mmmh

Peta Bradley

Peta Bradley – young women in wool going places

Today I was invited to share my story in a forum that would see me follow in the footsteps of people who certainly don’t mix in my regular circles

As a I read down the list of people they had interviewed in the past Tara Moss’ name hit me in the face. Déjà vu I just happened to be staying in the same hotel I was five years ago when I found myself standing next to Tara Moss. Can you believe it she is even more beautiful in real life?

So, somebody gives you an opportunity to share your life story in 45 minutes in an international forum. 45 minutes is quite a long time – what do you say or my case what do you not say. Here I am, self-identified non-role model driven to provide young people in agriculture with the life skills necessary to thrive and NOT make the same mistakes I have.  I will have to give this opportunity a lot of thought – not sure I am brave enough to talk about the person, the pivot points and the drivers behind the facade.

Speaking of role models it has certainly been rewarding to be part of this three part series in The Land newspaper. It has been said you are a product of the people you learn from. What a pleasure it has been to to invite Max Edwards and Peta Bradley to talk about the role models that have helped shape them.  Next week The Land will feature Dwayne Schubert whose story first inspired the series. I look forward to this being  one of many features in The Land on young people leading transformational change in agriculture


Author: Picture You in Agriculture

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