Young Eco Champion Erin Lake reports from Bush Blitz Hiltaba

You will remember the gorgeous Eco Warrior Erin Lake was lured to Canberra earlier in the year to take up a graduate position with Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Back here on the farm we all thought she would be gobbled up and spat out by the bureaucracy and how wrong we were. Erin … Continue reading “Young Eco Champion Erin Lake reports from Bush Blitz Hiltaba”

When political leaders around the globe are getting on board the clean energy train why is Tony Abbott still on the coal train?.

Just as there is love at first sight between people, there can be love at first sight between a person and a place.  A landscape is more than a location, it is one party in a relationship – Vaclav Cílek , Coming from a farming family that supplies 50,000 Australians with the milk for their … Continue reading “When political leaders around the globe are getting on board the clean energy train why is Tony Abbott still on the coal train?.”

Following in their footsteps

Excitingly the recent State of the Environment report has show  Australian farmers have made some major inroads in their farm environmental stewardship outcomes through a strong commitment to Landcare principals    Most of Australia’s land environment is managed by one of three groups: state and territory agencies responsible for public land of various tenures, family and … Continue reading “Following in their footsteps”

Splendour in the Rainforest

Fountaindale Dam is a beautiful area bordering our farm but was sadly suffering from benign neglect and we have taken it upon ourselves to build community partnerships to help rectify this. Erin Lake with the support of Tay Plain from Clearcut Productions and Ann Burbrook have created this superb video to show you the magnificent  … Continue reading “Splendour in the Rainforest”

When art becomes the voice

Our eco warrior Erin Lake is leaving us to take up her placement in the Graduate Program for the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (SEWPaC). This department is responsible for a lot of things including a commitment to  conserve Australia’s environment and to promote sustainable living within Australia. Erin is perfect for … Continue reading “When art becomes the voice”

Custodians of the land

Clover Hill Dairies in partnership with a number of local stakeholders has been lucky enough to access Federal government Caring for our Country funding to deliver great environmental outcomes on both local dairy farms and hobby farms which are also providing significant benefits for the waterways of the wider catchment When we started these activities … Continue reading “Custodians of the land”


  Recognising all food fibre industries share common ground we have designed the  Archibull Prize as a cross industry partnership. This year we showcased grains, beef, sheep, wool, dairy and the egg industry. There are some superb dairy entries with Model Farms High School coming second overall. This post is a tribute to all the … Continue reading “WINNING DAIRY ENTRIES ANNOUNCED”

Next Gen giving our farm lots of TLC

It was a huge day at the farm on Wednesday with our eco warrior Erin Lake leading a team of volunteers in revegetating an important area of our riparian (areas around our waterways) zone. Little aside on Erin – Erin has passion for biodiversity like no other and she takes every opportunity to share her … Continue reading “Next Gen giving our farm lots of TLC”

The Australian Farming Landscape – as diverse as it is wide

This is my latest blog for The Australian Farmer. The blog has been inspired by a number of people in agriculture I have spoken to and some thoughts from Irish Crime Writer Tana French I have seen so little of Agriculture beyond my farmgate and the industries I have been involved in let alone just … Continue reading “The Australian Farming Landscape – as diverse as it is wide”

Tony Abbott – Nature has a longer memory and a sterner set of justice than we all do

Whether people like my style or not – I am confident one thing they will all say about me is I am action oriented. I love doers. I admire people who can connect other like minded thinkers and take them with them on their journey for the greater good. And I have never met and … Continue reading “Tony Abbott – Nature has a longer memory and a sterner set of justice than we all do”