Adrian Piccoli has missed the point

I remember spending much of my high school education at Cowra High School staring out the window wondering when the content of the lesson would peak my interest. These days I suppose I would have ended up in the gifted and talented class if it existed at my school. Everybody wants the best education for … Continue reading “Adrian Piccoli has missed the point”

Start the day with the perfect cocktail

This weekend Erin (see Next Gen giving our farm lots of TLC) has bought the troops in to put the finishing touches on our Fountaindale Dam project Fountaindale Dam is a beautiful area bordering our farm but was sadly suffering from benign neglect and we have taken it upon ourselves to build community partnerships to … Continue reading “Start the day with the perfect cocktail”

Farmers call to arms

Each year the Readers Digest does a poll to determine Australia‚Äôs most trusted professions. Last year as you can see farmers came in at number 7. Top ten most trusted professions in 2011 1. Paramedics 2. Firefighters 3. Pilots 4. Rescue volunteers 5. Nurses 6. Pharmacists 7. Farmers 8. Medical specialists 9. GPs 10. Veterinarians … Continue reading “Farmers call to arms”