Sharing the Clover Hill Dairies story with Next Gen

In 2009 Clover Hill Dairies and Art4agriculture (previously Dairy Youth Australia) joined forces with LandLearn NSW to tell the story of modern dairying in Australia

The Jet and Emma series “Getting Down and Dirty on the Farm” is written by Clover Hill Dairies team member Emma Visser and friend Jhettaya Smith who started their careers as school based vocational education training apprentice dairy farmers together.

The series uses Clover Hill and its farming practices as the backdrop to reflect genuine (as opposed to the traditional educational hypotheticals) sustainable farming challenges and problem solving activities. The demographic is all students from Year 4 to 12 and university undergraduates studying primary industries related subjects

The series has attracted over 30,000 web hits in 2 years and provides indepth insights into best management practices sustainble pasture based dairy farming in Australia in an language that appeals to both farmers and the wider community.

Emma and Jet are both city girls introduced to careers in the dairy industry through the Cows Create Careers program

Emma’s video on Cows Create Careers has now attracted almost 16,000 web hits and is featured here

The Jet and Emma series in order of popularity on the web

1. Circle of Life – from Calf to Cow

2.  From farm to Factory –  the journey of milk from the farm to the milk processor

3. Grow Grass Grow – the art of growing grass to feed cows

4. Milk It – what happens in the dairy during milking

5. Farming for a Changing Climate – how dairy farmers are adapting in a changing climate

6. Seeding Time – the prepartion that goes into sowing the pastures and maintaining them

7. A Taste for Dairy – where it all began An overview of Cows Create Careers and Emma’s prize winning Cows Create Careers presentation

More information

The story of the growth of dairying in the Illawarra From Small things big things Grow

Australian Agriculture Farm Facts


Alison Fairleigh has collated a great list of Australia blogs here 

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