A friend in need

Michael bought home a friend in need this morning

He found this little guy injured on the road and wrapped him up and bought him home


He has tyre tracks from head to toe


We put him the shade gave him a little water and rang WIRES on 13 000 WIRES

As it turns the WIRES hotel in our region has no vacancy. So we are going to care for this little guy under supervision of WIRES


We have cleaned all his wounds which appear superficial except for a very deep cut between his ears with warm salty water, found him a nice big cage in the shade with some juicy grass underneath and WIRES are coming later to review him and give him antibiotics and pain relief if necessary


So far so good.

Now for a name – any ideas

All the way from Lantanaland we have a name – DUNLOP


A few hours later Dunlop is making a strong statement “I am wild animal and I should not be caged and I am out of here” Fair enough Dunlop we can assure you we agree 100% and will let you out as soon as WIRES says its okay

WIRES have now come and gone and sadly Dunlop is not as well as we had hoped


The pads on Dunlop’s feet are all torn and apparently this is not good. She is very thin (yes we now know Dunlop is a she) and it appears may have been doing it tough for quite a while before she got run over.

So WIRES have taken her away and will take her to the vet tomorrow. OUR FINGERS AND TOES ARE CROSSED


Michael is very upset about his little friend she seems so tough lets hope she makes it

DAY 3 Update on Dunlop

After a visit to the vet, pain killers and antibiotics Dunlop is now drinking her milk bottles and nibling on grass prognosis is improving – Good News indeed

There are lots of things you need to know if you are caring for Marsupials some info here http://www.marsupialsociety.org/hand_rearing.html

Creepy crawlies live in paradise too

I am a sixth generation farmer but I don’t like snakes, rats and spiders any more than your average city person

I grew up in NSW heartland and saw plenty of brown snakes that knew to keep well away from my father and his shotgun.

At Clover Hill there are no shotguns but plenty of red belly black snakes and no shortage of pythons including the one that has been living in the Illawarra Flame tree just outside my kitchen window scaring the bejesus out of my visitors when he/she suns him/herself on my front steps and my chooks 24/7


Yesterday I was enjoying a freshly made latte with milk straight from the udder so to speak before joining my sister for a Foodscape Tour and looking out the kitchen window I spotted what was causing all the commotion in the chook pen


Now I didn’t have time to take pictures of this snake let alone video footage ( yes I did that too) and then discover this snake was indeed stuck in the netting and in desperate need of rescue.

So who do you call?  WIRES of course and who was the best person for this job at this time? Michael of course. Though not happy that I thought he had more time than me to do this.

But its not just about time is it? In this case he was the person who could lend a hand if necessary (and there was no way in the world I was going to wear that hat) and besides I had a Foodscape Tour to join

So what happened to “Clover” the snake you ask. Yes Hugh from WIRES called our snake Clover

Find out if here if there is a happy ending for Clover

Hugh from WIRES and Clover our friendly python who ate too many rats at once–thank god it wasn’t my chickens